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Nickel-Mediated Enantiospecific Silylation via Benzylic C–OMe Bond Cleavage


Benzylic stereocenters are found in bioactive and drug molecules, as enantiopure benzylic alcohols have been used to build such a stereogenic center, but are limited to the construction of a C–C bond. Silylation of alkyl alcohols has the potential to build bioactive molecules and building blocks; however, the development of such a process is challenging and unknown. Herein, we describe an unprecedented AgF-assisted nickel catalysis in the enantiospecific silylation of benzylic ethers.

Venkadesh Balakrishnan, Vetrivelan Murugesan, Bincy Chindan, and Ramesh Rasappan*Nickel-Mediated Enantiospecific Silylation via Benzylic C–OMe Bond Cleavage. Organic Letters, 23(4), 1333-1338.

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