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Nanohybrid Chemosensor for the Simultaneous Detection of Fluoride and Iodide in Aqueous System.

A nanohybrid chemosensor for specific, selective and simultaneous recognition of iodide and fluoride was prepared through decoration of silver nanoparticles onto Schiff-Base based organic nanoparticles. The developed chemosensor showed specific recognition ability for this analytes at low concentrations with detection limits at 690 nM for fluoride and 11 nM for iodide in two different regions of DPV profiles. Theoretical calculations based in Density Functional Theory were performed, which supports experimental results by demonstrating the binding selectivity of nanohybrids with I− and F−. The proposed sensor was also used for real sample analysis and results were verified using some standard literature method.

Huerta‐Aguilar, C. A., Singh, J., Kaur, H., Pandiyan, T., & Singh, N. Nanohybrid chemosensor for the simultaneous detection of fluoride and iodide in aqueous system and its utility in real samples. Electroanalysis. 2015, 27(2), 534-543.

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